A pilot air freight tracking system is on its way to Tel Aviv, Israel

Israeli pilots are to begin using the pilot air freight tracking system to track freight, said Israeli Transport Minister Yair Lapid on Thursday.

Lapid told reporters in Tel Aviv that Israel had a pilot air tracking system in operation and it was being used to track air freight.

The pilot air cargo tracking system allows operators to keep track of shipments to and from Israel and its West Bank settlements, said Lapid.

The system has already been used to locate cargo and passenger planes bound for Tel Aviv and Haifa, the southern Israeli port.

The pilot system was first used in the early 1990s in the Israeli port city of Ashkelon.

The Tel Aviv-based company, Airports International, is one of a handful of operators using the system to monitor cargo and passengers arriving in Israel.

The service is designed to reduce the risk of smuggling, Lapid said, adding that it would allow the country to become more “independent” from the European Union.

He added that the pilot system would be used to deliver cargo, and that the operators would “use the system responsibly”.