America’s largest freight elevator company, Harbord Freight, has filed for bankruptcy

A major freight elevator operator has filed a bankruptcy petition in Florida, claiming $2.6 billion in losses.

The Florida Department of Commerce filed the petition on Friday.

It was filed to get an extension of time to file for bankruptcy protection.

The company, called Harbords Elevator Company of Florida, is based in Gainesville, Florida.

The company owns a fleet of freight elevators and operates them at hotels, warehouses and retail outlets across the state.

The petition seeks an extension to file in Florida for bankruptcy and seeks protection from creditors for a “significant portion” of Harbons assets, including hotels, office space, restaurants and other businesses, according to the state’s filing.

In its petition, Harbors said the losses came from a “pension and pension obligations.”

The company says the losses include $4.6 million in pension and $4 million in severance.

Harbors has been operating in Florida since 1987.

The elevator company has filed with the Florida Securities Commission, which is looking into the bankruptcy petition.