‘Freight Tracker’ is the best tracking app for freight in the US

The “freight tracker” app that tracks the exact location of freight shipments on a ship can be a great tool for tracking your shipments to a destination and, well, finding them.

But the app also has a habit of giving the wrong information, and that could be the reason why it was given a thumbs down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for its alleged deceptive business practices.

The FTC has a wide range of enforcement powers, including the ability to fine companies that violate the law.

It also can bring charges against those who violate FTC rules by failing to provide accurate information about how they collect and sell consumer data.

In the case of the freight tracker, the FTC says that “FreightTrackers is not the consumer’s primary tracking and delivery service provider.”

According to the FTC, the company didn’t actually provide its tracking information to the buyer, but instead provided the consumer with an inaccurate estimate of the cargo they were supposed to track.

The app also provided incorrect information about the speed and location of the shipment and said it was tracking the ship at speeds that were actually closer to that of a freight train.

The app also falsely stated that the shipping company was not required to provide tracking information or provide a “tracking address” for each shipment.

The commission, in a complaint filed this month, says that FreightTracker “has been identified as a deceptive business practice and has engaged in a pattern or practice of engaging in deceptive business conduct.”

The FTC says the company made $2 million in advertising and $2.5 million in payments to its customers.

The company is not listed on the FTC’s website, but the FTC has the name of the company and its phone number in its complaint.