Halt freight ad on Halt ad to launch on HALT website

Halt is a global network of merchants who use blockchain technology to accept payments in digital currency.

According to its website, it aims to become the “first payment network to scale the speed and reliability of blockchain payments” and is looking for a CEO to join its board of directors.

According to its press release, Halt was founded by two Estonian entrepreneurs in 2015 and has over 2,000 merchants in 20 countries.

It offers an automated payments platform that “provides a frictionless and convenient way to accept and settle payments using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as other forms of digital currencies.”

The company said that it intends to focus on the next major innovation for digital currencies, namely the ability to make and accept payments through blockchain technology.

“We are developing a payment network with the objective of building a trusted and trusted network of users who can securely send, receive and manage payments in blockchain,” it said.

Halt’s CEO said that he would also be interested in building a “bitcoin network with more merchants.”