How much is a cab ride in Phoenix?

What you need to know about Phoenix’s cab-hare industry.

1 / 5 3.3K Shares Share The price of a ride on Phoenix’s taxi and limousine industry has increased more than 20 percent over the past year, according to the city’s Department of Public Safety.

In September, Phoenix police seized 690 cabs and cabs that had been operating in the city.

This month, the department reported that 437 cabs were seized and 732 cabs had been reported for inspection.

The bureau also said that in September, 719 limousines were seized, and in October, 613 limousles were seized.

The surge in seizures has led some to question the citys role in the industry.

Phoenix City Attorney Michael Schmitt, who is also the city attorney for the city of Glendale, California, said that the city does not regulate taxis or limousiers.

He also pointed out that there is a limit on how much money can be collected from each taxi cab and that the bureau does not have authority over drivers.

“There’s a certain amount of discretion in our enforcement that comes from the [Phoenix Public Safety Department],” Schmitt told Bloomberg.

“We have the discretion to issue tickets, but we have the same discretion as the city to issue permits and licenses.”

He added that it’s not the bureau’s job to police the industry, but it does have the authority to issue citations.

“The police department is the primary enforcer for the taxi and taxi-hire industry in the state of Arizona,” Schmitt said.

“We have a robust enforcement program that we enforce and that includes issuing citations and issuing fines.”

Cab drivers in Phoenix have said that they are underpaid, which has led to a decrease in demand.

According to the Phoenix Taxi and Limousine Commission, the average rate for a taxi ride in the metro Phoenix area was $3.63 in August.