How the freight elevator has a different look from its predecessor

The elevator, which was first introduced in the late 1960s and early 1970s, was a major part of the San Francisco skyline.

Now, the company has decided to make it more modern.

The company announced that the elevator will be phased out by 2019.

“We’ve worked hard to make sure that we have the best technology, and we have a really strong safety record,” said Frank Rijker, the vice president of engineering.

“And it’s a great thing to have that safety record.

But the fact that we’ve got to be in a different place, and not just a modern facility, is something that is a bit unsettling.”

In the meantime, the elevator’s iconic red paint will be replaced with a new paint scheme.

The elevator will have its elevator shaft and floor panels painted blue.

And the doors of the elevator won’t have any windows.

The elevator has been in the San Jose area for the last decade.

It was originally called the “Freight City Elevator” and featured a small red and white sign in the center of the building.

It had two elevators, one in each of the city’s four districts, and it was part of a chain of freight elevators that was part owned by the city.

The system had its own telephone system and a telephone pole.

For a time, the Elevator was the city-owned elevators.

But in 2008, the San Diego Chargers decided to buy the company.

They used the money to move the company to Los Angeles, and the Chargers have since turned the company over to the city, which is now known as Los Angeles City Elevators.

“We’re in the middle of a major modernization effort,” Rijkers said.

“We have the elevator at our facility, we have some of the technology in place, but we’ve not been able to build a whole lot of the facilities.

The only facility that we can build right now is the freight elevator, and that’s going to be our new facility.”