How to get the best harbour freight scaffold deal in New Zealand

A local scaffold company has put up a new type of harbour freight delivery system to meet the needs of Kiwis.

Photo: Supplied/Cynthia BreslinKey points:Horticulture equipment is delivered from a warehouse to a scaffold in the New Zealand harbourA company called Harbour Freight is currently providing scaffold supply to businesses and organisations around the country and is hoping to expand to other areas in the futureThe company says the new system allows the delivery of high-quality scaffold equipment, including concrete, timber, concrete and wood for projects like roads and buildings.

“A major part of our business is in the commercial supply of scaffold and scaffolding equipment for building and structural projects,” Harbour Freights co-founder and CEO Cynthia Bresler said.

“For this, we have built an industry-leading supply chain and are excited about the future of our company.”

Horticultural equipment is shipped to a warehouse for the delivery, which is typically carried out in the harbour, and is usually delivered within three weeks.

Mr Breslander said they hoped to increase the supply of this equipment to businesses in the coming months, with a major focus on New Zealand’s capital city Auckland.

“We think the opportunity to increase our supply chain to other parts of the country is very important,” she said.

The company is currently in the process of expanding to other places in New York, California and Texas, but would like to expand further.

“In New Zealand, we are seeing a huge growth in demand for our products, and we want to build on that with this new supply chain,” she added.

“With this growth we are looking to add more products, like concrete, and scaffold to our supply.”

Horse power equipment is also available to be delivered to projects.Photo