How to save $200 off shipping by using FedEx’s freight discount code on your American Express card

How to use your American Dream Card to save money when you pay with an American Express Card?

It’s pretty simple, actually.

Here’s how.1.

Enter your credit card number on the bottom of your order.2.

Click “Save” on the “My Orders” page.3.

Click on the red box next to the order number to activate it.4.

Once activated, you’ll see a “Save $200” option in the top right corner of the screen.

You can click on this box to save up to $200.5.

If you already have an American Dream card and you want to save more, just hit the “Buy” button and hit the big red “Save to My Card” button.6.

Once you’ve saved up to 100 percent, simply add the $200 to your card.7.

When you’re ready to go, you can open your American Airline account, sign in to your account and click on “Pay with American Express.”