How to save a lot of money on shipping with this cheap cargo option

Port Adelaide’s container terminal is currently under construction and will be open by 2021, as it is expected to increase the amount of containerised cargo it handles from 20,000 tonnes to 100,000.

The port has recently received a $2.5 million grant from the federal government to expand its cargo handling capacity.

It is expected that the container terminal will reduce the average cost of a container ship to about $US1.50 per container, according to port spokesperson Sarah Wood.

The cost of the expansion was initially estimated at $US6 million but the port has now raised that figure to about half that amount, according the port.

“I’m not expecting that to change any time soon,” said Wood.

“Our business is booming and it’s not only the shipping, but we have a new service and we are looking to expand it.”

We’ve got a really exciting year ahead of us and it has the potential to be really competitive.

“The Port Adelaide Port Development Authority is looking to open the container facility in 2019, with the construction costing $US2.6 million.

The expansion is expected at the Port Adelaide port, with construction expected to start in 2020, according Wood.© Nine Digital Pty Ltd 2018