How to sell Bitcoin with a $50,000 Bounty

This is a guest post by Crypto Coins’ Founder, CEO and COO, Dr. William G. Thompson, who has over 40 years of experience in the Bitcoin space.

William G.

Thompson is the Founder of Digital Currency Group and co-founder of

William is a former Senior Software Engineer at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), as well as an experienced technology entrepreneur.

He has worked on some of the largest companies in the tech industry including Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, Yahoo and PayPal.

William has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience.

He began his career at IBM in 1991 as a Technical Support Engineer.

His most notable work in the software sector was leading the team that created IBM’s Watson System for Computer Vision.

He has been a founding partner and Chief Operating Officer of Coinfloor, Inc., a blockchain startup.

He also founded and cofounded the Blockchain Capital Fund.

William currently resides in Boston with his wife, Jodi.

William’s latest book, “Bitcoin: A Digital Currency for Tomorrow”, is available now on Amazon.

William started Bitcoin in 2014 and currently holds a degree in Economics and Finance from Harvard University.