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If you are searching for lawyer firms in new york city you are in the right place. We will tell you everything you need to know after law firms in new york.
There are approximately more than 3 lakhs car accidents in New York City and it is increasing per year. So I think that everyone should know about their rights who are looking for lawyer firms in new york city. So today we will discuss the best new york top 100 law firms that will help you for all type of your queries about your cases. So let’s start the article about law firms in new york city.

New York Top 100 Law Firms

What you can do after you have met with Car Accident in New York City?
1. Go for the medical checkup.
2. Call the police & Attorney
 3. Inform the insurance company.
What is “No-Fault Law”?
“No-Fault Law” was passed on 1973, this law gives right to get paid for all medical treatment, all pains, and sufferings, damages to one who has done no fault in the Car Accident in New York City.
Why go to an Attorney?
 You need an Attorney because:-
1. You can’t do all the paper works being injured.
2. He knows everything and can do it ASAP.
 How much does the Attorney charges?
The rates differ from everyone mentioned but they don’t charge a big amount from you. They just charge some percent of your money received as the settlement. Some Attorney s charge 1/3rd and 1/4th part of that. Some don’t charge a single coin until you Win the case.
Types of Compensations for Car accidents.
*Medical Treatment bill
*Pain and Sufferings
*Cost to reach Hospital
 Filing Lawsuit and Dealing with Insurance Company.
You know there is a 3-year statute of filing Lawsuit for Property and Injury.
 For Insurance Company you just need to tell them Where and When the Car accident in New York took place?
How do Car Accidents take place?
Car accidents take place mostly by:-
*Drink & Drive. About 20 percent of the Car accident in New York city every year is due to Drink & Drive.
*Distracted Driving – Getting distracted while talking and driving, listening to music, trying to do some other work comes under this Category. Approx 12 percent case belong to this category.
*Cellular Phones. It is the biggest reason for distraction and carelessness. People while driving often lose control over the car trying to operate Phones.
You can also check
 File a claim if it was your fault.
Yes, you can file a claim if you think it’s your fault because sometimes it’s the fault of machine parts that stop working. Sometimes you think you are wrong but the other driver might have done some mistake so better go for Claiming file. Let your attorney work for you and let the Experienced persons decide whether it was the fault of which driver or machine part etc.
At last, I want to say that if you have applied a case in the lawyer firms in new york then you must have to follow all the above guidelines that I have shared with you I hope that these lawyers will help you for all your problem. If you have found this article lawyer firms in new york helpful then do not forget to share with your friend who have need of this guide and who should know about this general info if he has a car accident case. Also if you can share this post on social media platforms like facebook, twitter and google plus.

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