Oklahoman to lease $6M freight train at Altoona train yard

Oklahomans will have access to a $6 million freight train for their own enjoyment at the Altoons Harbor freight yard in Oklahoma City, but the project has not been formally funded yet.

The train is expected to be built in the near future.

The railroad company, Altoonas, has hired a company called the Altona Transportation Partners to develop the project.

The rail yard, located in the city’s historic downtown, has been vacant since the 1990s, when the Oklahoma City Public Works Department demolished it.

Construction is expected in 2018.

The Altonas rail yard is located on the west side of the Alcoa plant and is about 20 minutes from the city center.

The yard was once used for industrial activity.

A train has been in the works for several years, but it has not yet been built.

The city was hoping to bring the Alta train to the yard to be used for citywide use.

“The project is a great opportunity to use the Alonta property as a new industrial site, and also to showcase our state as an environmentally friendly destination for business,” Mayor Bill Campbell said in a news release.

“We will be able to use this site as a hub for freight movement in our region and also a major hub for our tourism and business community.”

The Alta project is part of a $1.4 billion rail and tunnel plan that is being developed by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, the Federal Railroad Administration and the Oklahoma Industrial Development Authority.

The tunnel and rail plan includes the Alonto facility, which is also under construction.

Construction has been completed on the rail yard and the Aloons railroad building.

Alonto officials hope to open the facility by 2020.

A new Amtrak train from Oklahoma City to San Antonio is scheduled to arrive in Oklahoma by the end of this year.

Oklahoma Gov.

Mary Fallin has signed a $300 million stimulus package that includes a $2.6 billion tax credit for oil and gas companies and $700 million in federal highway funding for Oklahoma.

A $1 million federal grant has also been awarded to Altoones project.

“Altoonos success is based on a strong foundation of industry leadership and an ability to innovate,” Altoónas president and CEO Brian Jones said in the news release announcing the $6.5 million grant.

“Our project will help us to achieve these goals and will make a major economic impact for the city.”