Phoenix ferry to make its first voyage from Darwin to Darwin – The Times

Phoenix is making its maiden voyage from Brisbane to Darwin this week with the ferry carrying passengers from Brisbane’s CBD to Darwin’s west coast, as well as freight from the port.

It is also the first ship to be loaded with freight since a $5.5 million shipment of iron ore and coal was taken to Darwin from the Port of Darwin in January.

The first freight to reach Darwin is a container of coal which will be loaded onto a ship from Darwin’s Port of Barra to Darwin.

The coal will be used to make a fuel for the new ship’s engines.

A spokesman for the Port said the cargo will arrive at Darwin’s port on Friday.

The ship will leave Brisbane on Saturday and will arrive in Darwin on Sunday.

Darwin to make first voyage on Phoenix’s maiden voyage, the Times of Australia reports.

The Phoenix was launched in February and will use a special transporter to transport the coal from Brisbane, the Northern Territory, to Darwin where it will be shipped on to a new ship.

The port’s director of facilities, Paul O’Sullivan, said it was the first of two cargo ships to be shipped from Darwin.

“This will be a significant event for the port and the Australian economy,” he said.

“We are looking forward to this very busy week.”

The Port of Brisbane said the coal shipment was not an official cargo but a cargo of a different type, labelled as “commercial”.

The ship is expected to depart Darwin on Friday and arrive in Perth on Saturday.

A spokesman for Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the first shipment was a “very exciting milestone” for the state.

“The port is proud to be a hub for Queensland’s burgeoning industry and we look forward to working with the Phoenix and the Queensland Government to ensure the best possible service to our people,” the spokesman said.

Earlier this year, the Queensland government launched the first commercial cargo ship, the Phoenix.

An announcement from the Queensland Maritime Commission, which oversees the port, said the port had been allocated $8.6 million to build a new cargo terminal at the Port to accommodate the Phoenix’s cargo.

Queensland Premier Annadatta Cunneen said the state was committed to supporting the Phoenix, saying she hoped it would be a boost to the port’s economy.

“It will be good for business, it will make Queensland more competitive and attract new jobs,” she said.

The Queensland government’s move to start shipping cargo to Darwin has attracted criticism.

It is the latest move to boost Queensland’s port.

The Northern Territory government is investing $1.5 billion in the port as part of its $15 billion Port of Port plan, which aims to boost the port from a small port in Darwin’s south-east to the capital of Darwin, which has more than 400,000 people.

In October, Queensland Government officials announced the state had begun buying up bulk cargo for the Phoenix from a company that had been contracted to transport coal to the Port.

Brisbane and Darwin were once linked by a link to the famous Great Barrier Reef but a number of dredging operations are now being carried out in the region to reclaim land to make way for new housing and industrial development.