Portland, OR: Cargo shipping company Harbor Freight Application in jeopardy after $1M fine

The Portland, Oregon, freight forwarding company Harbor, which was originally founded in 1992, has filed for bankruptcy, according to the company’s creditors.

Harbor’s assets were valued at $1.4 million by the bankruptcy court, and the company had been operating as a wholesaler since 2009.

But the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on July 23, 2017, citing “significant losses, including a loss of approximately $1 million,” the Oregon Department of Finance said in a statement.

The company is owed $2.5 million.

The company was originally known as the Maine Shipbuilding Corporation, and its website says the company was founded by three Maine men.

The first two were brothers who worked for the company as employees.

The third brother, George, later became the company president and CEO, the company said.

The Maine Board of Trade says the bankruptcy filing is an important step in the company being sold off.

The Maine Board also says that Harbor will be allowed to reopen as a commercial entity with the possibility of using its assets.

The Oregon Department has said it has contacted the company to offer a buyer for the assets and that it has made no offers.

Harbour Freight has been under investigation for years for allegedly overcharging customers for shipping containers.

A 2015 investigation by the Maine Board found that the company made a $1,500 profit on shipping containers, and in 2016, Harbor said it made a profit of $600,000.

The Oregon Department also found Harbor violated a state rule that allows the company not to charge customers for shipments.

In October, a Maine court awarded Harbor a $15,000 fine.

The Portland Oregonian reported in April that Harbor had been paying out more than $2 million to a Portland, Maine, company called Fostex, which it purchased from the Maine Department of Commerce in 2016.

The newspaper said that FostEX had been charged $4.5 to ship containers and $2,200 for shipping them to the Port of Portland.

The Washington Post reported that the Washington State Department of Justice and the Oregon Office of Inspector General said Harbor Freights had not disclosed the amount of the settlement.

The court order comes on the heels of another recent settlement involving the Maine board of trade.

That settlement came out of a federal investigation that also involved Harbor Freighters.

Harvey has been the target of a slew of state and federal investigations.

In February, the Oregon attorney general sued Harbor for allegedly violating state law that prohibits the practice of overcharging for goods.

The federal lawsuit alleged that Harbor did not disclose that its shipping costs were more than what the company charged customers.

Harry has faced several other lawsuits over its business practices, including claims from customers for more than 20 years, including in 2018, that it charged customers for overcharging and that its trucks were unsafe.

The Federal Trade Commission investigated Harbor Freighter and said it received “no credible evidence” of a violation of federal law.

The lawsuit filed against Harbor Freighting by the Washington state attorney general is the first to seek a court order to stop the company from operating.