Queensland government launches online survey to investigate freight sprayers and sprayers-outfitters

Queensland’s new government is looking into freight spray, freight definition and sprayer-outfitting business models, and wants to understand how they work.

Key points:Queensland Health Minister Andrew Hastie says the new survey will investigate the business model of freight spray operators and what it means for people’s healthThe survey will include the costs of the equipment used in the operationQueenslanders will be able to report their experiences with sprayers, sprayers definitions and equipmentThe survey is set to run from July 10 to August 15.

Affected businesses include freight spray company Spray-Rite Inc, which owns a number of freight companies and is based in the Queensland city of Newcastle, and the Brisbane-based Freight Spray & Supply Inc.

Queenslander Health Minister, Andrew Hasti, said the government was aware of the industry and would provide more information about how it works.

“We’re keen to see more information from people as to what these business models are and how they operate,” he said.

“What they are doing, what their costs are and what the health and safety impacts are.”

Mr Hastie said the survey would provide information on the health impacts associated with sprayer operations, the equipment and services they use, the number of businesses operating, and how to report safety issues.

“If we’re not sure that we know what is happening, we want to know,” he told AM.

“People should report any safety issues they may have with their sprayer.”

Queenslands Chief Health Officer Dr Michelle Taylor said the information gathered by the survey will help to inform health services.

“It will give us the information to understand the health risks, the safety and wellbeing impacts, so we can respond more effectively and quickly to people’s concerns,” she said.

The Queensland Government will have the power to amend the definition of a sprayer when it passes legislation, but Mr Hastie was not prepared to comment on whether it would be possible to do so in the new legislation.

He said it was important that people understood what they were doing when using sprayers.

“That is what is important,” he explained.

“The information that is being collected by this survey is going to help us understand that and what can we do to protect the public.”

Quebec has a history of introducing laws to address the health hazards associated with indoor spraying, but this is the first time a survey has been undertaken.

Quebec will have to pass legislation to establish a sprayers definition, but the legislation is expected to pass the Senate and House of Representatives before the end of the year.