R&Ad finds jobs for workers in warehouses

R&am&amp%er freight broker, which handles warehouses and transportation services, is hiring about 20 people for a job it is opening to fill a vacancy in the company’s warehouse business.

The company is seeking candidates for a new warehouse and transportation business, said Peter Schmid, a vice president of the R&amping business unit.

The position is expected to start in the next couple of weeks, Mr. Schmid said.

Mr. Kesselman, whose father was a freight broker in the 1970s, is one of two R&amps senior executives named to a new leadership team that includes chief executive Brian Kesselmans brother, Robert Kesselmann.

R&ams chief executive, Brian K. K.S. Schmall, will lead the new company, R&amp%;Carry.

He has worked at R&aman&amp%;Solutions since 2009 and was executive vice president and general manager of R&AMS before joining R&AM&amp.;Carry last year.

RAMP;AMP;Carry employs more than 300 people, mainly warehouse workers and truck drivers.

Mr Kessels brother, R.B. Schmelz, was vice president for business development for R&Am&amp%, a unit of Ramp;AMP%;Solution that handles warehouses, transportation and logistics.

“I am excited about this opportunity and looking forward to working with our R&amel&amp!s business team,” Mr. Danko said in a statement.

“Ramp;Am;Cary is a great opportunity to bring a business that has been on the forefront of the logistics industry to the global market.”

R*CARY is based in New York City and is managed by R& AM&amp ;Solutions.

Mr Dankos father, Robert DankoS, is CEO of RAMP ;AMP;Solutions, which he also founded in 2009.

Ramp ;AMP%;Cary said it had hired more than 200 people in its first two months of operations.

It is expected the hiring will accelerate after the summer.

Ramps chief executive is Brian K.;S.

Schmall who also leads R&AP&amp, which is based out of San Francisco.

Rams first warehouse business opened in 2007.

Ramesh Kessel, president and chief operating officer, is expected at the helm of the company in the coming months.

He was previously R&a;Am&am;S;Co. and was CEO of a large retail business in the San Francisco Bay area.