The pilot air cargo drone is now flying, and it’s cheap, cheap, and cheap

It’s a pilot air freight drone that’s made in China, but it’s also cheap, affordable, and affordable.

It’s also the first to be delivered by drone, and has a price tag of $500,000.

That’s less than the cost of a regular Boeing 737.

The R&B drone is a 735-foot-long unmanned aerial vehicle, and a $250,000 model is already in service.

It can carry around a total of about 500 pounds of cargo, including up to five crew members, the R&am;D website says.

A drone with more cargo capacity than a Boeing 737 costs $3,000 more, but the cargo can be more efficiently transported by plane.

The drone is designed to be easy to use for crew and passengers, and can carry up to 15 pounds of goods.

There are no external controls.

Its wings can be folded for easy transport, and the propellers are made of carbon fiber and aluminum.

The 735 Wing is the latest in a long line of commercial drones, which were built by drone manufacturers over the past decade or so.

The biggest of them all, the 737 MAX, was introduced in 2013.

It has been around for over a decade, and is still being used for commercial flights.

But that drone has only flown around 50 times.

There’s a reason that Boeing was the first maker of a drone capable of delivering passengers to and from the cargo bay.

The 737 MAX’s cargo capacity was only 500 pounds, but its price tag is much more manageable than those of the other commercial drones that are being used.

That meant Boeing was able to get the 737 to be the cheapest one in the market.

And the 737 is still very expensive.

The first 737 MAX was built in 2012, and cost $3.4 million to build.

Its cargo capacity is about 730 pounds, and its price is only about $350,000, according to R&d.

The price tag for a 737 MAX cargo drone varies depending on the configuration.

A smaller, unguided version with the 730-pound capacity is available for about $200,000 at commercial drone stores, according the FAA.

And a larger, guided version with a cargo capacity of 790 pounds costs about $1,100,000 to build, according FAA data.

There is one exception to that: The first Boeing 737 MAX in service in 2018 cost $4.2 million to construct, and was powered by an engine rated at 250 horsepower.

That means that the 737’s cargo weight could be about 15 percent less than a 737 Max cargo drone.

This cargo drone could carry more than 7,000 pounds.

Boeing has not yet announced a price for its 737 MAX Cargo Drone, but we will update this article as we learn more.