Truckload of goods to Texas border stops in Houston

U.S. freight companies have stopped shipping to the Texas border to avoid paying billions in tariffs by Mexico, according to documents obtained by The Times.

The documents, which are part of an investigation by The Associated Press, show that some companies, including FedEx, have suspended shipments to the Rio Grande Valley because they have found that it would be more expensive to ship goods through the border than they would have to ship it through Mexico.

They said the costs were not material to them and that it was not for them to decide.

They also said that in some cases, the companies were willing to accept lower tariffs on goods coming in to the United States from Mexico.

Some companies said they had agreed to lower tariffs in the past, but the U.N. agency said they are not required to do so.

The companies say that because they are trying to avoid tariffs, they have not received any notification from the U