Up freight pickup trucks in Mumbai, says new company

A new freight-trading firm, UpFront, is bringing the latest in freight handling technology to the city.

The company has been developing a “digital logistics” platform that can connect all sorts of goods with a single platform, allowing it to offer a seamless customer-to-customer service.

UpFront has a fleet of more than 60 trucks, which can be driven by an up-front driver or remotely.

It also has a fully automated freight service, which allows the truck to pick up, deliver and drop off items in the same room at the same time.

The truck is connected to a central platform, which is able to pick-up, deliver, load and drop packages in one go.

It is also able to carry more than 20,000 packages per hour.

The platform also has an “uninterrupted service” where it will provide all the required services on demand.

The new platform is being tested in Mumbai and other urban centres.

“We have a lot of experience in logistics in the last decade and we have a very deep network of customers, from hotels, shops and restaurants to retail outlets,” said Sajid Shah, founder and managing director of UpFront.

“We have been offering our services to the transport sector for the last 10 years, and we are ready to offer our services across the whole spectrum of the industry.

We have built up our platform to handle the logistics and warehousing sectors and are also in the process of launching a new offering for the transportation sector,” said Shah.