What are you waiting for? This is it for freight from California to Arizona, the Trump administration says

The Trump administration said Thursday it’s ready to start shipping goods to California and Arizona starting July 15, but only after the State Department approves the package.

The shipping process, known as the “fence clearance process,” would require approval from the State Dept. and the Commerce Department, and it would start July 15.

The department is also reviewing the Trump-nominated Transportation Secretary.

California and Arizona will receive packages from the Department of Transportation, the State and Commerce Departments, the Department’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, according to a statement from the department.

The first shipments will arrive in early July, with the first shipments to Arizona starting in mid-July, the statement said.

The department will start issuing permits for the importation of goods from the ports of San Diego and Long Beach in California, and in Long Beach, a shipment will be accepted, the department said.

Once the importations are underway, goods will be shipped directly to California.

California will get more shipments, the agency said, with a maximum of 500 tons per week.

Arizona will get 500 tons, a spokesman for the Arizona Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security told ABC News.