What to know about the new cargo tracking system that’s replacing America’s freight trackage

A new cargo-tracking system that would allow customers to track and safely ship their goods through the U.S. is set to be installed in U.N.-flagged cargo vessels heading for the International Boundary and Water Commission’s (IBWC) maritime space.

A key part of the system, which is being tested in the Pacific Ocean, would be a sensor that would track the location of the container ship, allowing it to be tracked to a location that is safe from pirates and rogue vessels.

Cargo-tracking is an increasingly common technology across the globe, and the U of N’s maritime space will become the first in the world to use it.

In addition to being able to monitor the location and movement of a container ship on the international boundary, the system will also track where it is headed and where it has been for the last week or two.

The IBWC, a U.K.-based international body responsible for protecting the global maritime shipping system, has been working on the new system for about two years.

The first phase of the tracking system was installed on the U-boat Serenity in the Indian Ocean earlier this year, which has been monitored and controlled by the maritime patrol vessel Serenia.

“The ship is a great example of a ship that has not been used for commercial purposes,” said Michael O’Keefe, senior vice president of logistics for the IBWC.

“A ship that is a very large vessel with many different types of cargo.

The Sereness is used for both the ocean and sea-going trade routes, so it’s a very versatile ship that can do both very effectively.”

The U.s.

Coast Guard, which owns the ship, was given the authority to operate the system by the U,S.


The ship, the UH-58K, is the second ship in the fleet to have a cargo tracking capability.

The other vessel, the USCG’s UHCS-5, has a cargo tracker installed on board.

The U-boats were designed to monitor and secure international shipping, but have a wide variety of use.

The ships also are used by various commercial fleets to transport cargo to and from ports around the world.

The new tracking system is expected to be deployed to the Uboat Savenity and other U. S. vessels soon.

In a press release, the IBAC said that the Uboats new system is the result of the work of “industry experts” who are working together with the UHSD and other partners to deliver a “unique and high-quality system.”

The IBAC is also releasing an infographic to help people understand the system’s capabilities.