What you need to know about the port of Altoona

The port of altoonas southernmost island in Israel is expected to be operational within a month, with the Israeli Navy’s naval ship Alstom and the Israel Defense Forces’ naval ship Ariel operating in close cooperation with the port’s residents and other businesses.

Altoona has long been a popular tourist destination, but in recent years its population has dwindled and it is often used as a base for Israeli military and paramilitary activity.

The port has been under intense construction since the construction of the Alstam naval base in 2007, with its concrete base now expected to hold 1,300 ships, and a 1,000-foot-long waterway connecting the main harbor and the coastal town of Tzion.

It will also host military bases and a naval hospital, the Israeli military said.

Alstom will have its main docking bay at Altoon, while Ariel will dock there as well.

The shipyard also plans to build an offshore water facility in the area that will be used for construction work.

In the past, Alstorans residents have complained that they have been left with little to do in the port.

In 2013, the government began building an offshore windmill in the harbor.

In 2015, Israel said it had reclaimed 1,100 acres (770 hectares) of land from the landowner, who is not related to Alstoma.