When a truck trucker in Melbourne crashes, the blame lies squarely with his employer, a report says

A trucker who killed a pedestrian in a traffic crash has been charged with manslaughter after his employer had failed to provide enough safety equipment to keep the truck from colliding with another vehicle.

The 31-year-old trucker, who cannot be named for legal reasons, killed the 37-yearold pedestrian in March 2016 at a junction at Southbank, about 30 kilometres north of Melbourne.

He was charged with dangerous driving causing death and negligent driving causing injury.

“The truck driver did not have any equipment in his truck that was designed to prevent him from being involved in a collision,” Acting Police Commissioner Michael Lacy said.

“There were no barriers to make sure he was safe.”

The collision occurred at about 8:20am on March 20, 2016, at a intersection between Northbourne Road and Southbank.

The truck crashed head-on into a Ford Fiesta, which was stopped at the intersection.

The Fiesta driver was not wearing a helmet.

“He was also not wearing his seat belt at the time, but there was nothing he could have done to stop the truck being driven in the wrong direction,” Acting Commissioner Lacy told ABC News.

“A pedestrian was struck by the truck and the truck driver was unable to prevent the collision.”

Police said the trucker’s employer was not yet aware of the collision and was working on a “comprehensive review” of their policies.

The collision also resulted in the death of a man who was driving a vehicle involved in the collision.

The deceased driver is a 40-year old father of three.

The investigation into the accident was continuing at the request of the Collision Investigation Squad.