When is the Harbor Freight Forwarder going to be released?

Posted May 15, 2019 06:18:07The Harbor Freighter is going to get a full overhaul soon.

It was one of the biggest ships ever built.

But when is the first ship going to go to sea?

It’s a complicated question.

In 2017, the government began a review of the fleet, and as of June 2019, the Navy plans to complete a major overhaul.

The ship was originally scheduled to leave Norfolk Naval Shipyard in 2021, but the Navy announced in July that the ship is expected to leave Portsmouth Naval Shipyards in 2019.

The Navy has said that this is because the Navy needs to conduct a “fresh assessment” of the ship before any decision is made about its future. 

If the ship’s life is saved, it will go into service in 2022.

But the Navy says it won’t be able to make that decision for another two years, and the Navy will probably only ship the ship to the yard for an initial inspection.

That inspection, which will take place on a regular basis, is supposed to help determine the ship and its needs for modernization.

That’s a process that could take up to two years. 

“I think we’ll probably get a more in-depth look at it in the next year or two,” Navy Chief of Naval Operations Admiral James Stavridis said during a presentation in May. 

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