Why do Holland Freight and Harbord Freight Blowers not want to work for Trump?

Holland Freights and Harbor Freight, the two companies that supply the world’s busiest freight routes with truckers, have been lobbying Trump to reopen the Keystone XL pipeline, despite having received no assurances from the president about his support of the pipeline.

In a letter to the administration, Holland said that the Trump administration should reopen the pipeline to the Gulf Coast because it “could lead to a huge economic boost for the United States and to increase freight volume for the entire country.”

However, the letter does not mention that Trump has never approved the Keystone project, nor has he publicly supported the Keystone pipeline.

This past summer, Trump said he “might” support the Keystone Pipeline, but then later told reporters that he would prefer to see it built in Nebraska.

But Trump’s stance on the Keystone and Keystone XL pipelines, and his willingness to put American jobs at risk, has left Holland and Harbors executives frustrated with Trump.

According to the companies, Trump has not provided a detailed plan on the pipeline and has not said whether he will reopen it.

But according to a report in Politico, Holland has been in contact with the president several times in the past few months, and he has been lobbying for the pipeline’s revival.

Trump has been working to renegotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

He has also repeatedly claimed that the U.S. is “winning” the battle against ISIS, but he has yet to provide any evidence for that claim.

Trump’s repeated claim that the US is winning the war on ISIS has been a source of frustration for Holland and harbors.

According the company, Trump’s policies and actions have not only increased the risks of the Keystone or Keystone XL projects, but have also harmed the livelihoods of thousands of American truckers and trucking companies, especially in the Gulf of Mexico.

This month, the company released a report on its operations in the U-S-Mexico border region, saying that the Keystone would have a “substantial negative effect on the Gulf’s cargo and truck fleet.”

The report noted that the cost of constructing the pipeline would be $8 billion.

This cost is in addition to the $16 billion the company is already spending on the project.

It also noted that “the increased risks associated with the pipeline project, combined with the risk of potential economic losses for the trucking industry, would have an adverse impact on the economic development and competitiveness of the U,S.


According to Holland, the pipeline has had “no impact on freight volume in the United Kingdom, France, or Germany” since its opening in 2009.

Holland also said that it has no plans to reopen Keystone because the pipeline was “too costly” for the company to undertake.

The companies are also concerned that Trump’s decision to stop the Keystone is a violation of the National Historic Preservation Act.

The Keystone XL is the largest pipeline project in the world.

It was built by the Canadian company TransCanada to carry tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada, to refineries in Nebraska and Illinois.

The U.K. and other countries have sued TransCanada and the U of M, arguing that the project is a threat to the environment and is “an egregious abuse of U.M. rights under the North-American Free Trade Agreements (NAFTA) and World Trade Agencies (WTO) agreements.”

However the companies claim that TransCanada has not complied with U.N. environmental and labor standards.

In an interview with CNN, the Holland and Holland freight CEO, Peter Schwan, said, “We are disappointed that Trump does not appear to support the need to reopen this pipeline.

We are looking forward to working with the administration to ensure that the future of the country can be assured, including the Keystone.”

The Trump administration has been adamant that the pipeline should not be opened.

A spokesperson for the White House said that, in addition, the president is “working with the companies to ensure a safe and effective pipeline project.”

The spokesperson added that the administration is “supportive of Keystone XL and the other vital infrastructure projects that will help the United State become energy independent and build a stronger economy.”

But Holland and Hastings, which is owned by a Chinese company, are still hoping that the president will reconsider.

They have also released a new website, www.dollars for American workers, which asks that anyone who works in the industry to donate to the Trump campaign.

The website features a video from Trump’s campaign speech, where he stated that “we can’t afford to put Americans’ jobs and livelihoods at risk.”

Trump has also expressed support for the Keystone Project, stating in an interview on Fox Business that, “I would look at it, if it were a $5,000 pipe.

And I think it would be good for the country.”

According the Holland