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The latest news and analysis from around the NFL.1.

What you need to know about the Browns’ trade to acquire Brandon Weeden from the Colts and other deals in the offseason1.

Browns get: Brandon Weidenreich2.

Browns’ new GM: The Browns are a franchise with talent and depth3.

Browns-Packers preview: Green Bay opens season with an impressive 24-6 win over the Bears.4.

Browns will need to be patient: If they want to be a championship team, the Browns will have to get the right pieces in the right places.5.

More Browns: New head coach, new starting quarterback, and more: Browns’ head coach Josh McDaniels was the first NFL head coach to be fired in the past four years.6.

More from BrownsNation: How the Browns won the AFC South title in 2017: A good first year in Cleveland was also the first time the Browns didn’t win the division.7.

Browns trade: Who is the latest Cleveland Browns trade that makes sense?8.

Browns pick: Where will the Browns draft in 2018?9.

Browns free agent: The NFLPA has released its 2017 report card.10.

Browns have an interesting situation at QB: It’s unclear if Johnny Manziel will return to the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns had to make the move to get Manziel, but that decision is expected to come down to how much they can afford to pay him.11.

Browns and Jets on the move: The Bills and Jets are moving into a playoff spot and look to get some wins in 2018.12.

Browns in a hurry: The 2018 season is fast approaching, but it could get a little more difficult as the Browns start training camp.13.

Browns are the Browns: The Cleveland Browns are now in the playoffs, but they have a lot of work to do in 2018 to win the AFC North.14.

Browns vs. Lions: The Lions will be a wild card in the wild-card race.

This could be a game the Browns should win.15.

Browns must improve: The 2017 season was an incredible journey for the Browns, who went 11-5, and this season is just getting started.

The defense will need more improvement.16.

Browns on the rise: The Cavaliers have lost 10 of their past 11 games, but Cleveland has a chance to make a run for the playoffs.

The offense has been a bright spot in Cleveland’s resurgence.17.

Browns fans will love: Fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers are coming together and going wild, and the fans are starting to feel like they can have a legitimate chance at winning the title.18.

Cleveland must win: The Bengals are the defending AFC North champions and are coming off a 27-10 victory over the Browns in Cleveland.

The Bengals will be in Cleveland for the first game of the season.19.

Browns at Jets: The Jets have the best record in the AFC East and should win the NFC East.

This should be a fun game to watch.20.

Browns should be better: The best way for the Cleveland Indians to get back on track is to win on Sunday.

The team needs to get healthy, and they need to win some games to get that happening.21.

Browns need to get better: While the Browns are one of the NFL’s hottest teams, the team needs a lot more production from the offensive line.22.

Browns getting ready: The AFC South is starting to get crowded and there are some interesting teams in the division, including the Jets and Colts.23.

The Cleveland Indians have a chance: The Indians have won their past three games against the Browns and have won four of their last five games overall.24.

Browns going to the playoffs: The 2019 season could determine the Cleveland team’s fate in the NFL playoffs.25.

Browns to win AFC East: The Patriots are coming into Cleveland to face the Browns on Sunday, and if the Browns win, the Patriots would move into a tie for the No. 3 seed.26.

Browns playoff hopes: The team will be trying to keep its playoff hopes alive by going into a Wild Card spot in 2019.27.

Browns win AFC North: The Colts are the AFC’s No. 2 seed and are the only team that is not in the conference playoff race.

The Colts will face the Patriots Sunday in New England.28.

Browns still going to have a shot at the playoffs in 2019: The only team to have won a Super Bowl since 2000 is the Browns.

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